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Installation instructions and change the interface launcher on Android

Whatever your Android smartphone made from aluminum or plastic monolithic cheaper, you will pay much attention to what appears on the screen rather than the chassis. If you do not like the icons, application menu, home screen or you feel they are too slow, a launcher (application manager of the above) from third parties can give your phone a delivery whole new look.

On booth Play Store now has a lot of famous launcher, which can include the Holo, Apex, Nova, ADW or LauncherPro. All this launcher are highly customizable, allowing you to control the entire transition from effect to both hide the status bar. Moreover, with each one launcher on, there are many themes designed for them, comes as the wallpaper and other beautiful details. Happily, the most this launcher works faster and more smoothly.

1. Download and install the launcher.

2. Press the Home key. A list of the launcher included in the machine appears.

3. Select the launcher that you just downloaded and press the button 'Always select'. Now launcher that will manage your desktop, your application menu.

4. Go to the settings menu of the launcher recently used. With the majority of equipment and common launcher, you can find the path to the installation launcher menu by pressing the menu soft key while outside the home screen.

5. Customize the launcher. With each different launcher, the amount of customization will also vary. You can edit the home screen, the application menu, lock screen, manipulated by gestures, etc. Additionally, you can also rotate the home screen allows horizontal / vertical rotating in the same direction with the direction of the machine.

Please download and enjoy the same features now!
Download launcher to enjoy ngau this feature!

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