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Things you need to know about Launcher

Here's what you need to know about how these applications work and how to choose an Application Launcher is right for you.
Most of the launcher in one of two categories: "design" or "smart," meaning that the launcher will focus on changing the look or is focused on developing the use of intelligent manipulation on the phone. "Smart "or is the self-learning smart launcher and adapt to user habits and your schedule, for example, when you wake up, time to go to work, when reading the newspaper, go out or at home watching TV . The smart launcher not only change the interface that changed user experience on your phone. Launcher "design" serves as a platform where you can change the icon packs, widgets and wallpapers.


And the most important thing is the Launcher will make your phone more interesting lot, you can install multiple launcher on your phone and use whichever one you like. You may be surprised with what these applications can network, the device with the new interface, faster search applications you need them.

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